As the 2017 elections are finally here, many people will be trying to keep their friends, families and their property safe.

With this being the election year, many investors are eagerly waiting to see what effect the election outcome will have on property markets throughout the country. The economy has taken a step back as politics takes the center stage of interest among Kenyans. Companies and businesses alike are somewhat taking a break as they wait eagerly for the outcome of the elections.

There is little expectation of possible price drop but we can see a steady price increase which in turn lends the property market a more stable price growth. Therefore, in most cases some investors will first wait to see what will happen during the elections. However, there is said to be little effect in the long-run for investments as the property market does not waver around elections.

As we all take part in our patriotic rights, here are a few ways to keep safe and secure your property during the elections:

  • Make sure everything is closed and locked – windows, doors, garden doors etc. Make sure property is kept at highest security during this period.
  • Establish procedures for allowing visitors into your compound whether you are at home or not – this is to ensure that you are aware of potential guests at all times.
  • Check your perimeter fencing and gate – this is to ensure that no attempts are being made to create an entry point.
  • Make sure that all torches and lights are in working order – buy extra batteries for extra assurance.
  • Do not reveal who you will vote for – this could cause unrest between neighbours and surrounding areas especially if publicized.
  • Do not display campaign materials on your property as it will make your home more apparent and is risky especially if views of the surroundings are not the same.  
  • Stay Alert- always keep your ears open and be aware of the escape routes, ensure your home is completely safe from the outside too.
  • Avoid staying out late – can affect your security when coming home late and avoid being in places which you are unfamiliar with.
  • Communication- Always keep your phone with your family and friends contacts handy as if anything does happen you have access to your close ones.  


“An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This phrase originally came from Benjamin Franklin, who coined the phrase when he wrote a short essay about ‘How to prevent house fires.’ What he meant is –  it was much less expensive to practice fire safety than it was to rebuild a house that burned to the ground.

We, at Chandaria Properties expect a peaceful and fair election. The above advice, is advice every Property Owner should implement at any given time, however we are just reminding our readers as a safety precaution. We advise all our fellow Kenyans to embrace whatever outcome there may be, at the end of the day, We Are One.

Remember to exercise your right to vote and stay safe!

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